5 Tips for Smart Gifting

Is there someone on your list with stress or anxiety? What about pain or trouble sleeping?

Our chief product formulator, Andrew Levinson MD, specializes in anxiety, stress and sleep-related issues. You can read about how his CBD formulas can restore and help our bodies repair themselves, and learn how the effectiveness of our products can truly solve problems.

1. Get Detective

If you listen carefully your investigative work can be easy, since many of us reveal our likes and dislikes, or wants and needs without any prompting. It's all about listening. Keep a list handy of what you learn, so when gifting time comes around you’ll be all set.

2. Solve a Problem

Tune into their woes or worries and find a tailored solution. That broken umbrella they’ve been meaning to replace? Maybe they’re under pressure at work or have teenagers at home? Look to a stress-reducing gift like a weekend away, spa day, or a gentle way to unwind with our Evening CBD.  

3. Less is More

Waste not, want not. it’s better to keep it simple. There is more value in that one, meaningful thing. When you give the gift of Wonderfeel, it shows you care. Plus, it ships in 100% recyclable packaging, no bigger than it needs to be, and with no extra waste.

Wonderfeel Anytime CBD with a curly white bow around the bottle in an ecofriendly shipping box

4. Think Long Term

Most people aim to dazzle by gifting something novel or extravagant. But something practical that can be enjoyed often, and over time will always remind them of you. Our Anytime CBD could be the perfect fit.

5. Give With Grace

It really is the thought that counts, so don’t fret if your gift doesn’t land the way you’d hoped. Never make it about you by ensuring it’s returnable! Wonderfeel’s “If you’re not happy, it’s on us” guarantee will have your back!

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