About Us

About Us...

Our Philosophy

We wonder a lot about how you feel.

Our mission is to inspire well-being by connecting people to honest, healthy solutions. We are committed to providing resources designed to enhance the body’s self-healing mechanisms and unlock your human potential. We think of Wonderfeel as a movement empowering our customers with their own way to wellness.

Who We Are

Our world renowned team of experts.

Founded in San Francisco, our team of pioneering doctors, researchers, formulators and educators set about to create next-generation wellness products. While our backgrounds are quite different, our values are very much aligned.

We are committed to innovation. Our scientific methods are backed by clinical evidence which guide the development of our products. We maintain open and curious minds about all modalities of healing, with the belief that prevention is always better than waiting for symptoms to arise. Understanding how you think and feel about your own well-being helps us to formulate solutions that address your specific needs. We want to hear from you.

Everything we make comes from conscientiously grown ingredients that are tested for purity and consistency. We are firmly committed to transparency, providing third party lab results for every CBD product we develop.

Andrew Levinson MD

Psychiatrist, Thought Leader

Chief Formulator

Psychiatrist and functional medicine physician, Dr. Levinson draws from both cutting edge medical technology and ancient healing principles that address the root cause of illness, not merely symptoms. He received his BS in Psychobiology and his MD from the University of Miami School of Medicine, owns Vitality Health & Wellness Clinic in Miami Beach, and is a recipient of the Pharmacia & Upjohn Research Award for original research in Alternative Medicine.

Patricia Ryan

Designer, Entrepreneur

Co-founder, Chief Wonder Maker

Patty is known for moving an idea from inception to fruition through her design and production language. She is considered to be one of the pioneers of the House Music movement, bringing the genre and its culture to the world stage by producing hundreds of events. After co-creating the successful Mushroom Jazz brand, she later morphed her efforts into the newly established OM Records. Working at OM, where she became a partner, Patty gained critical acclaim for the many designs she created. In the decade to follow she established her own design agency producing many notable brand identities. Her creative craft recently transformed into fine art where her latest project can be viewed at www.DSNER.com.

Baran Dilaver

Innovation Alchemist


Baran served as CEO and COO at public and private companies, has developed many award-winning products and launched over a dozen well-known brands worldwide. His insight to CBD and cannabinoids stems from having worked with the top scientists and medical experts in the field throughout the past nine years. Baran is a frequent speaker at conferences like Tech Open Air, Brandweek, European Communications Summit, and CannaTech. He studied Economics at University of California, Berkeley, where he excelled in academics and athletics earning scholarships in both fields.

A pioneering integrative physician and formulator, Dr. Andrew Levinson has been making his own advanced products using natural and safe ingredients at his Vitality Wellness Clinic for over ten years. During that time he has seen first-hand how activated CBD products deliver meaningful relief that patients feel quickly. Read more about Dr. Andrew Levinson and His Journey with CBD.

Gamze Büyükgüzel

Marketing Coordinator

Brand Warrior

Gamze is an entre/intrapreneur, and digital marketing aficionado with a BS from the prestigious Bosphorus University. While at University, she created and managed a successful event management venture. She then expanded her marketing expertise into the food, manufacturing, and retail industries. Lastly, she worked at the “super” retailer CarrefourSA, where she was responsible for digital media communication. Innovative strategies, and a quick response to the worldwide pandemic made her invaluable to the retailer.

Joe Dolce

Journalist, Educator, Cannabinoid Expert

Curator of Content

Joe is an established journalist, media professional, and the former Editor-in-Chief of Details Magazine. Joe is the author of “Brave New Weed”, one of the most highly regarded books about the history and culture of cannabis. He is a sought-after speaker and Founder of the Medical Cannabis Mentor, an online learning platform for medical professionals.

Tyler Suchman

Online Strategist

Web Wizard

Tyler Suchman is the founder of Tribal Core, a boutique web marketing agency with years of experience serving the organic consumer packaged goods and cannabis industries.
Prior to starting his consultancy in 2002, Tyler worked for Vivendi Universal as head of Content Production for mobile media division Moviso. As senior employee, he helped build and maintain the Yourmobile community of 10 million global users.

Ali Yilmaz

Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Dynamo

Ali comes from a well-rounded background featuring a balanced blend of tech and digital marketing background. In his 6 years at Google, he led teams looking after Southeast Asia’s travel industry advertisers. Before that, he spent nearly 8 years delivering exceptional results for IBM. He holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco, which he obtained as an engineering alum from Middle East Technical University. For the past 8 years, Ali has been managing SEM, one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Turkey, first as its CEO and recently as its Chairman.

Laurens Feenstra

AI Expert, Technologist

Decoder of Data and Tech for Wellness

Laurens has been a Product Manager with Waymo, formerly Google’s self-driving car project, for three years working on how to manage a fleet of robots on our streets, and how we humans can best interact with the vehicles. Before Waymo, he did Product for Google Search and Chrome. A former strategic consultant at McKinsey, Laurens holds degrees in Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.

Tracy Brandmeyer PhD

Neuroscientist, UCSF

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

Dr. Brandmeyer develops novel research methods to advance our understanding of the effects of meditation practice, mindfulness practices, and mindfulness interventions by identifying the underlying neural mechanisms and circuitry. She employs state-of-the-art methods such as individualized machine learning and classification methods, and uses tools such as neuroimaging.

Our Approach

Wellness exists not only in the body, but all around us.

For a true state of wellness to exist, mind and body and environment must be aligned in health. That's why the purity of our products and sustainability of our packaging are crucial to our mission. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our CBD is of the highest quality – extracted from non-GMO hemp grown using organic practices in North America by farmers who don't use pesticides.

After testing every batch for consistency we package it minimally with sustainable materials that can be recycled or returned to the earth when finished.

For a true state of wellness to exist, mind and body and environment must be aligned in health. That's why the purity of our products and sustainability of our packaging are crucial to our mission. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our CBD is of the highest quality - extracted from organic-certified, non-GMO hemp grown in North America by farmers who don't use pesticides.

After testing every batch for consistency we package it minimally with sustainable materials that can be recycled or returned to the earth when finished.

We won’t stop looking for solutions.

All of our products are thoughtfully developed to use the smallest amount of materials with the smallest amount of waste from the beginning of our design process.

But it turns out that making a 100% sustainable product isn't as easy or common as you would think. New materials, such as bioplastics, are made from vegetable sources, and are a great alternative, but not many manufacturers are feeling the pressure to get them into production. There are only a few sources worldwide that are aligned with our goal to be 100% compostable, biodegradable, or, at the very least, recyclable. These are the sources we have pursued for our packaging.

Here's what we've been able to achieve thus far. The bags that contain our healthy CBD snacks are 100% PLA, a bioplastic made from plant starch. They are not lined with foil or other unsustainable materials. We've even sourced compostable labeling including adhesives. Our tincture bottles are recyclable glass with recyclable labeling. We are determined to eliminate single-use plastics at every turn in our production process.

Your product is shipped in 100% compostable, post-consumer waste or recyclable packaging, custom sized, not any bigger than it needs to be. They don’t weigh more than they have to, and don’t use any more materials than absolutely necessary.

Sure, all of this is more expensive, and that’s why most companies skimp here in favor of a slightly higher profit margin. At Wonderfeel we are committed to protecting our environment and we’re hoping you are too.

Giving Back

Helping homeless youth with every purchase you make.

We've teamed up with StandUp for Kids, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness in local communities like yours. Since 1990 they have served homeless and at-risk youth, ages 12 - 24, and provided them with a sense of safety, hope, and belonging through housing, mentoring, drop-in centers, and street outreach. A trusted organization, they hold the highest rating through Charity Navigator.

We pledge to donate a portion of our profits in support of their efforts. Investing in your health feels great, but paying it forward to kids in need is what we call Wonderfeel!