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Limited Edition Everyday CBD

Made especially for our European* fans, we’ve crafted a highly active, terpene rich, artisanal CBD. Cultivated using organic practices, Wonderfeel’s limited edition Everyday CBD is extracted from 100% of the hemp plant, and nothing else.

Our broad-spec formula delivers a whopping 200 mg of CBD per 1 ml, but that’s not the whole picture. We’ve really brought forward the entourage effect with high levels of CBC, CBG, CBT & CBN, complemented by hints of CBDV and CBL.  If these read as a bunch of dizzying acronyms, see our in-depth decoder article all about cannabinoids and their characteristics.


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Imagine yourself distraction-free, with laser focus in your own world of calm. Enter the Everyday terpene multiplex, starring Farnesene, a sublime mood-booster with anti-fungal / bacterial / inflammatory properties, and a peculiar ability to both repel insects and stave off tooth decay. Lastly, its carminative properties make Farnesene a wonderful digestif.

You’ll also find Caryophyllene & Bisabolol, analgesics known for pain relief, Limonene favored for anxiety, herbaceous scented Terpinolene bringing antibacterial properties, Humulene, which is deeply rooted in Chinese medicine for aiding metabolism, and finally, Ocimene, a known stimulant with a host of medicinal properties.


Closeup photo of Wonderfeel Everyday CBD label in earth-tones brown and yellow.


This super-concentrated formula was built to de-stress your everyday life, while keeping you steady and quick off the mark. It comes in an easy to carry 10 ml bottle designed to be used in small amounts. When life gets as busy as popcorn on a skillet, but fatigue is coming on strong, reach for Wonderfeel Everyday CBD to keep yourself moving along.

*Only available in Europe


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