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Why My Patients Love These CBD Formulas?

"Years of treating patients at my clinic have shown me that our activated CBD formulas are so much more effective than CBD extracts alone. For patients who haven’t found relief through traditional medicine these are breakthrough solutions."


In Patients' Words:

"It was really nice, just made it way easier to fall asleep. Definitely worked for me “ - Kirra G, 23

"I used to wake up to use the bathroom three times per night. Now, it's only once, and I fall right back asleepI" - JoAnn R, 78

"After a couple weeks, I'm happy to say that I haven't had a migraine since!" - Christina K, 43 

"Slight mental elevation, not too strong." - Brad J, 32


Andrew Levinson MD, an expert in anxiety, stress and sleep disorders, spent over twenty years healing patients in his clinic and developed a passion for creating natural formulations based on scientific evidence.

He explains how a lot of diseases are the result of blocked or dysregulated metabolic pathways. “This is where the source of the problem lies, at the molecular level.

“When we feel the problem as 'I’m stressed,' or 'my shoulder hurts', that’s the human experience of a blocked metabolic pathway. CBD works to remove some of those blockages. Think of a failed metabolic pathway as a set of rusty gears.

"When you combine highly concentrated terpenes complexes, vitamins and minerals with CBD they act like WD-40 – they get those rusty gears moving again, and that equals relief.”

A sunflower with it's petals lain and aligned within a set of two gears

How fast and effective your system can process CBD is largely influenced by the delivery methods and the 'activating' ingredients CBD is delivered with such as terpenes. These CBD 'activators' can unblock failed metabolic pathways faster.

Dr. Levinson’s formulas feature a broad array of terpenes including limonene, known for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and calming properties, as well as pinene, lending to focus and clarity. See our quick guide to CBD and terpenes.

What time of day could your gears use a little CBD? Take a peek inside our formulas to find out.

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