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Dr. Andrew Levinson and His Journey with CBD

Discovering the Wonder Compound

CBD had been bred out of the cannabis plant by North American growers during the 1980s, making it nearly impossible to find CBD in any varieties grown on the continent. Due to federal prohibition it was dangerous for a doctor to prescribe. Equally for patients, if it appeared in their medical records. Recent changes to state laws have enabled cannabis growers to bring back the plant in its full essence. Some of his patients, who are early adopters, stirred his interest. European colleagues he spoke with were using CBD, so after reading up on the unusually broad set of applications he guided his patients to experiment with it. The ‘ah-ha’ moment was when they could all see that it was working.

"About a dozen years ago, I read about high doses of CBD being used to treat psychotic patients in Germany. When given high doses of CBD for certain conditions, they remained free of symptoms. This was unheard of. I had to learn more, but we didn’t know much about CBD at the time.

Since then I have been formulating next generation CBD products. The science isn’t 100% definitive on CBD’s molecular mechanisms of action, but here’s how I think about it: A lot of diseases are the result of blocked or dysregulated metabolic pathways. We feel the problem as “I’m stressed,” or “My shoulder hurts.” That’s the human experience of a blocked metabolic pathway.

But on the molecular level, the source of the problem, CBD works to remove some of those blockages. What we’ve found is that CBD activated with terpenes and other compounds appear to do a better job. Think of failed metabolic pathways as a set of rusty gears. Activated CBD acts like WD-40 to get those gears moving.”

Who is Dr. Levinson?

Andrew Levinson, MD is a psychiatrist and functional medicine physician who extracts the best healing practices from cutting edge medical technologies as well as ancient principles to serve patients. His methods address the root causes of illness, not merely the symptoms. Some of Dr. Levinson's innovative methodologies include ozone therapy, bio-identical hormone treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and intravenous therapy. 

Dr. Levinson’s Western medicine practice is often complimented by integrative medicine which incorporates the use of diet, meditation, yoga and bodywork to “cure” patients permanently of their symptoms. Dr. Levinson was an early adopter of these patient-specific solutions, and is considered a pioneer in the field.

Well-known for his approach to reverse aging, treating professional athletes and trauma survivors, Dr. Levinson is perhaps most recognized for his remarkable achievements working with children who are developmentally delayed or have learning disabilities.

Dr. Levinson received his BS in Psychobiology and his MD from the University of Miami School Of Medicine and owns Vitality Health & Wellness integrative medical practice in Miami Beach, FL. He is a recipient of the Pharmacia & Upjohn Research Award for original research in Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Andrew Levinson’s Lectures and Media Engagements

Television and Film:

Discovery Health Channel; Ten Years Younger; Expert – Mind-Body Approach to Wellness, Five Part Television Series on Reversing Aging (Program in Syndication)

Beautiful Son, Documentary on Autism, Medical Expert  www.BeautifulSon.com

New Zealand Television (Channel One – TVNZ); Documentary on Autism: Mercury Falling, Medical Expert

International Medical Lectures:

Autism Montreal ATEDM, Quebec, Sole Presenter, March 2, 2012

Catholic University School of Medicine, Santiago, Chile, Sole Presenter to Dean of Medical School, Department Chairs and Notable Guests: “Biomedical Treatment Options in Autism”, September 9, 2009

Autism Montreal ATEDM, Quebec, Keynote Speaker, March, 14, 2008

Second Annual Asian Autism Conference, Hong Kong, China, Keynote Speaker, September 2, 2007

Autism Research Institute (ARI) Think Tank 2003-2011, Invitational to Leading Researchers and Clinicians in the Field of Autism

National Medical Lectures & Presentations

Autism Speaks, Sole Presenter at Corporate Headquarters to AS Founders, Bob & Suzanne Wright, and Board of Directors, April 2, 2012 / World Autism Day

National Autism Association, New York, NY, “Reversing Autism: Walking the Path with Patience, Peace and Perseverance”, September 21, 2011

PATH (Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare) Lecture Series, Miami Planetarium, Event Overview, “The Treatment of Autism & Related Disorders – Biomedical Interventions“, May 23, 2011

Florida International University College of Medicine Distinguished Lecture Series, Sole Presenter, “Biomedical Treatment in Autism and Related Disorders”, February 2, 2011

Lecturer at ARI International Meetings 2003-2012

New York Open Center, New York, NY, Sole Presenter  – “Reversing Autism & ADHD, one child at a time.”, May 9, 2009

Spectrum Conference Cape Coral, Florida, Keynote Speaker, March 18th, 2006

MIND Institute / FEAT, Sacramento, CA, “Biomedical Interventions in Autism”, June 6, 2005

Pacific Autism Conference, Oahu, Hawaii, “Understanding Biomedical Interventions in Autism” November 20, 2004

Reversing Autism…One Child at a Time. Biomedical Interventions to Reverse the Symptoms of Autism, May 2004, March 2006

CASD Conference (Biomedical Interventions in Autism), Dallas, Texas, Lecturer, November 2003

Faculty Retreat, University of Miami, Department of Psychiatry, Keynote Lecturer, Functional Psychiatry, June 2003

Omega Institute International Yoga Conference, November 12 & 13, 2005

Omega Institute & Yoga Journal Conference, July and November 2003, “Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy”

Ordering information on copies of Dr. Levinson’s Lectures from the Omega Institute, E-mail: mediaworksadmin@eomega.org

International Vitamin Therapy Conference 2002, Lecturer on “Nutritional Therapy in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders” & Co-panelist with Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., Nutritional Therapies for Autism

“Tools and Strategies to Survive the Diagnosis, and Thrive Through the Recovery of an Affected Child”, April 2012, Newark, NJ, October 2011, Las Vegas

“The Tao of Poo: Understanding GI Problems and Treatment in Autism" April 2011, Atlanta, GA 

Conference Closing Lecture, October 2010, Long Beach, CA

Conference Closing Lecture, April 2010, Baltimore, MD

Conference Closing Lecture, April 2009, Atlanta, GA

Conference Closing Lecture, October 2008, San Diego, CA

Conference Closing Lecture, April 2008, Cherry Hill, NJ

Conference Closing Lecture, October 14, 2007, Anaheim, CA

Conference Closing Lecture, April 2007, Quincy, MA

“Understanding Biomedical Interventions”, November 6, 2006, Seattle, Washington

“From Diagnosis to Mainstream: Making Wise Biomedical Decisions”, April 9, 2006, Washington D.C.

“From Diagnosis to Mainstream: The Power of Wise Biomedical Choices”, November 29, 2005, Long Beach, CA

"Advanced Detoxification & Biomedical Therapies Made Simple”, April 16, 2005, Boston, MA

Lecturer "Understanding Detoxification and Biomedical Interventions", April 2004, Alexandria, VA

Special Lecture “Coping Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children”, October 2004, Los Angeles, CA and October 2003, Portland, OR

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